Our approach:

Creating Identity by APPEL NOWITZKI

As a consulting and design office, future and change are some of our favourite subjects. We view identity as the opportunity to create something constant in times of change. This is a process that we would like to start with you to help your project be successful from a marketing and design perspective.

CREATING IDENTITY by APPEL NOWITZKI – Strategy, design and content add up to an integrated approach that creates value and thus sustainable growth. To do this, we listen closely to you and your target groups’ needs, use new ways of thinking and working, technologies and innovation. Because constant change is a central part of our own identity.

Our identity is defined by our beliefs.
  1. Authenticity pays off.
  2. The quality must be right.
  3. Rough edges are not mistakes, but desirable features.
  4. Only those with something clear to say leave a lasting impression.
  5. A good talk is always the best solution.
  6. We believe in the future, because that is the time in which we will live.
  7. Those who move with the times will not be left behind.
  8. Those who welcome change face an open future.
  9. Design is a structured competitive advantage.
  10. Strategy and design are a dream couple.

Our identity: many different characters.

The results of our work are always a collaborative effort between various personalities, skills and ideas. A collective of individuals with the perfect mix of artwork and content – plus a certain sense of the future.

Ulf Appel, Management Board, Strategy

Ulf Appel

Management Board, Strategy

Anne Julia Nowitzki, Management Board, Creation

Anne Julia Nowitzki

Management Board, Creation

Eva Maria Nowitzki, Consulting

Eva Maria Nowitzki


Kristina Reichmann, Consulting

Kristina Reichmann


Alessa Taormina, Financing

Alessa Taormina


Katharina Streblow, Creation

Katharina Streblow


Jerome Sertage Rodriguez

Social Media

Sabine Appel, Organisation

Sabine Appel


Jan Winter, Consulting, Social Media

Jan Winter

Consulting, Social Media

Matthias Eckert


Sarah Krämer, Creation

Sarah Krämer


Frederik Fuchs, Creation

Frederik Fuchs


Anne Merlau, Creation

Anne Merlau


Eva Bender, Conception

Eva Bender


Lisa Preusser


Dimitrios Dimiropoulos, FOR CREATIVE MEDIA, Strategic partner digital media

Dimitrios Dimiropoulos

FOR CREATIVE MEDIA / Strategic partner digital media


Our impact: steady recognition

Das Erreichen von Kundenzielen hat für uns oberste Priorität. Umso schöner, wenn diese Leistung sogar darüber hinaus honoriert wird. In der Anerkennung durch unabhängige Jurys bestätigt sich unser Kurs – und unsere Kunden haben einen Grund mehr zur Freude, mit uns zusammenzuarbeiten.

Red Dot Award Winner 2022
Red Dot Award Winner 2021
iF Design Award 2021
German Design Award Special 2021
Iconic Award Winner 2020
iF Design Award 2020
German Design Award Winner 2020
German Brand Award Winner 2020
DDC Award 2019
Iconic Award best of best 2019
German Design Award Winner 2019
German Brand Award Winner 2019
iF Design Award 2019
Corporate Design Preis Nominee 2018
German Design Award Winner 2018
iF Design Award 2018
German Brand Award Gold 2017
iF Design Award 2017
DDC Award Bronze
German Design Award Special 2016
Iconic Award 2016
Red Dot Award Winner 2016
Iconic Award 2015
German Design Award Special Mention 2015
German Design Award Nominee 2015
German Design Award Nominee 2014

We are personally there for you. Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions and look forward to new shared projects.

Ulf Appel and Anne Julia Nowitzki, Management Board
Management Board

Ulf Appel & Anne Julia Nowitzki

Ulf Appel / Mobile

+49 173 322 221 8